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Walnut Hardwood Flooring Denver

Walnut floors are among the most prized of any hardwood, so ProSource Denver is proud to offer this option. Walnut is highly versatile thanks to its wide color variations and species diversity. In addition, walnut is highly durable, allowing walnut hardwood floors to maintain dimensional stability throughout. Finally, walnut holds both stain and paint better than almost any other hardwood.

  • Color: Walnut exhibits a pronounced difference in color tones. The heartwood ranges from a chocolate brown to a darker, almost rich black with purple hints. The sapwood, on the other hand, is almost white.
  • Grain: The grain of Walnut hardwood is most often open and fairly straight, although swirling features are quite common. These features actually increase the value of walnut.
  • Characteristics: Walnut is smooth to the touch. When first installed, it can look rather dull, but after use it often develops a lustrous sheen. Walnut is one of the more denser, harder, and stiffer options existing in flooring today. It maintains high shock resistance and is resistant to most types of decay.
  • Workability: Walnut is highly workable, thanks to its resistance to splitting and solid holding ability. It sands quickly and easily. Finishing hardwood walnut floors is not a problem either, as it holds stain quite well.

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