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Pecan Hardwood Flooring Denver

ProSource Denver is happy to offer our members unique, Pecan hardwood flooring products. As a hardwood, pecan is stunning when used as flooring, but it does require some maintenance.

  • Color: Pecan's color is versatile; Pecan hardwood flooring is often a pale brown to reddish–brown color, depending on the stain.
  • Grain: Pecan is rather coarse to the touch due to a straight, often irregular grain. The wood is very strong and hard, over a third harder than oak in fact.
  • Characteristics: Pecan is odor free, unlike many hardwoods used in flooring. It also dries very quickly, which can cause it to shrink. A potential downside of pecan hardwood is that it's susceptible to frost and decay. Pecan can sometimes cause dulling to tools when cut, making it more challenging to work with than other hardwood flooring options. Pecan doesn't nail well, so screws or glue are safer.

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