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Beech Hardwood Flooring Denver

Beech hardwood is always an excellent option for any home remodel. Its color variations and durability are major advantages, and beechwood floors wear well while retaining their smooth sheen.

  • Color: While the sapwood of beech hardwood is usually a pale white, the heartwood is mostly reddish brown, creating a moderate to high color variation between beech floorboards.
  • Grain: The grain of beechwood is straight and often closed, with a smooth texture throughout, granting beechwood surfaces a sometimes silvery sheen.
  • Properties: Beech hardwood is often used in high–traffic areas because it wears well and stays smooth when subjected to repeated friction. The wood is elastic and hard, maintaining excellent shock–resistance.
  • Workability: While beechwood is notoriously difficult to work with hand tools, it does have great machining qualities. It sands well and holds nails. Still, beechwood has a tendency to split.

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