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Ash Hardwood Flooring Denver

Ash hardwood flooring is chosen for clarity, consistent color, versatility, and grain structure. ProSource carries the ash hardwood flooring Denver prefers, which creates a more elegant, yet traditional hardwood floor. Ash hardwood floors are renowned for their interesting color variations and strength. Besides adding beautiful character to the floors in your home, the strength of Ash hardwood flooring makes it an excellent choice for durability and impact resistance.

  • Color: Ash hardwood floors are often a pure lustrous white, ranging through cream to very light brown. Ash heartwood tends to be a deep reddish–brown, so there are a range of color variations to choose from.
  • Characteristics: Ash hardwood floors are heavy, hard, strong, have excellent shock resistance and good tensile strength.
  • Grades: This flooring is carefully selected to create an ash floor that maintains the natural beauty of the tree. ProSource uses only the best ash hardwood to ensure the knots, mineral stain, color variation and other characteristics give the wood a unique and natural appeal.
  • Grain: Ash hardwood for floors has a bold, attractive, oftentimes straight, moderately open, prominent grain with a coarse texture. Ash also has a strong contrast and a lustrous appearance.
  • Workability: Ash hardwood floors are elastic, machine well, are good for nailing, screwing and gluing, and can be stained to a very high–quality finish. The hardwood dries fairly easily with little or no difference in quality, look, or feel. In addition, ash hardwood has a high split resistance and good holding ability.
  • Finishing: Because of its large pores, ash hardwood is seldom stained but takes all other finishes very well when used for floors.

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