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Maintaining your carpet

by ProSource

Carpet is one of the most popular flooring materials in America. When buying a carpet, keep in mind the maintenance it needs – each different carpet fiber may require different types and amount of maintenance. While it may be a substantial investment upfront, it is extremely long lasting and with regular maintenance, it can always look as good as new. Here's a handy guide on carpet care:

Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum: Vacuuming daily is ideal, but if you can't, do it as frequently as your lifestyle allows. Carpets can get dusty and dirty very fast and unfortunately(for your carpet), not visibly so. But regularly vacuuming can keep it clean so you don't have to replace your carpet often.

Remove spills: When liquid spills occur (because they will!), have a soft cloth or paper towels ready that you can use to blot the spill. Avoid rubbing the spill as it may push the stain deep into the carpet fibers. Have a liquid carpet cleaner handy and be sure to follow those instructions. Manufacturers may recommend specialty products for such incidents too. Alternatively, you can consider investing in a carpet cleaning which includes a multi-level stain treatment system.

Professional cleaning: You should consider having your carpet professionally cleaned once every 12 -18 months. Steam cleaning is the most popular option to essentially maintain the texture of the carpet. Other carpet cleaning options include bonnet cleaning, rotary shampoo and dry foam powder. Depending on the fiber, your flooring expert should be able to recommend an ideal professional cleaning option for you.

Doormats and shoe cabinets: Your shoes bring in a lot of dirt, dust and grime and even snow in the winter. This can soil your carpet with stains and lock in dirt deep into the fiber. Use a doormat where you can dust off your shoes and get into the habit of putting shoes in a cabinet to protect your carpet and extend its life.

Rearrange your furniture: Heavy foot traffic in busy areas, just as living rooms, hallways and staircases wear out carpet fast. It can make it look old and soiled. Since it's just part of the area covered in carpet, it tends to stand out. To work around this, rearrange your furniture every few years so that the worn out areas are protected and not subject to as much foot traffic.

These are some guidelines that will preserve the life, beauty and texture of your carpet for years to come. Proper care and maintenance go a long way in minimizing long term costs. Consult the Denver flooring experts at ProSource to get the best carpet for your home or office!

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