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Last Minute Inexpensive Holiday Decorating Tips

by ProSource

Didn't put up your holiday decorations soon after Thanksgiving? The holidays are nearing, and if your house isn't yet transformed into a poinsettia plant or snowflakes everywhere, that's okay. Here are some great last minute tips for your holiday decorating that ProSource compiled for a fantastic 2011 holiday! Even if your home is beautifully decorated, you might be inspired!


  1. Add cranberries into the bottom of a clear glass vase. Add your choice of flowers that compliment the bright red.

    Cranberries in Vase
  1. Have space above your kitchen cabinets? Add some greenery to the top with red, white, and/or silver candles spread throughout.

  1. Add ornaments to a glass vase or jar. Whether fun Christmas ornaments or chic silver ones, ornaments are a great way to decorate on a budget.

  1. Dress up your kitchen cabinets with wrapping paper for a festive look. Use double-sided tape for sticking; easy to take down after the holidays.

  2. Frame pieces of wrapping or scrapbook paper and hang on your wall. This is a cheap way of creating unique holiday art that you can proudly say that you did.

  3. Buy a holiday rug to put over your hardwood floors. If you are in a rush, buy a rug at Target, Home Depot, Lowes, or a local retail store. Tip: Buy a pattern that you can use all year round.

  4. Use your favorite scrapbook paper to use as place mats during holiday dinner.

  1. Family photo transfers to wood. Have extra hardwood flooring material? Print out a black and white picture of your family, place it face-down on top of a gel medium and let sit overnight. Rub off with a wet sponge and then paint over it with Modge Podge. Your black and white family photo is now placed on your wood panel. Decorate with them or give them as great gifts!

    Photo Wood Transfer


    Modge Podge for Wood Photo Transfer


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