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Going green with your flooring

by ProSource

If you are thinking of going green with your flooring, cork is a great material to consider. Cork is considered eco-friendly because it is harvested in a way that does not involve cutting the tree. Cork is a robust material that is fire-resistant, mold and mildew resistant and hypoallergenic – making it perfect for people who suffer from allergies. But besides these reasons, cork is particularly preferred for its insulation qualities. It is an excellent insulator and helps the warmth and noise trapped in.

It feels very soft and natural under your feet and has great shock absorbing qualities, making it the ideal choice for places like kitchens, libraries, children's playrooms, craft rooms, gyms, art studios, etc. While cork flooring comes in various colors and patterns to match the color palette of the room you are decorating, it also comes in beautiful neutral colors, meaning it will not interfere with the color scheme of the room you are trying to decorate.

This contemporary material is lightweight, easy to install and very durable. Easy to maintain, cork flooring can be sealed, to protect the flooring and help maintain its glossy sheen! If you are considering installing cork flooring in your home or office, call us to get the best prices in Denver!

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