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Denver Sustainable Flooring Options | Cork and Bamboo Flooring

by Brett Martin


There are several reasons as to why cork flooring in Denver in now a hot commodity.  The reason cork is a leading renewable resource is because it is produced by removing the bark from a cork oak and the tree is able to regenerate after harvest.  Cork has a number of positives associated with it.  Cork flooring is actually hypoallergenic, an excellent insulator, easy to install, extremely durable, and comfortable to walk on.  Cork flooring is a smart alternative for sustainable flooring.            
Bamboo flooring in Denver is also a good choice as an alternative to hardwood floors.  Bamboo can replenish itself quickly as the root system remains in tact when harvested and this produces new growth.  Also, bamboo can grow as much as a foot a day and can regain its harvest strength in only four years.  Bamboo can rival oak in strength and durability and adds elegance to a home.  You can also use bamboo for any cabinetry, furniture, or stairs.  
If you've used Cork or Bamboo flooring in the past, we'd love to hear your comments! 

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