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5 Quick Tips to Kitchen Remodeling

by ProSource

Love Your Kitchen

Are you in need of a kitchen renovation? Consider these five quick tips from Denver's Wholesale Flooring experts:


  1. Enhance your kitchen's focal point

Whether a large window over your sink, an island of cabinets, or your dinette set outlined with a bay window, there are many ways you can enhance your kitchen's focal point. If your focal point is a big window, consider installing curtains that create depth and color. If you enjoy having guests over and your focal point is your island, consider lengthening your countertop to create a bar for entertaining. Even if your focal point is not staring you in the face, it is easy to create one utilizing colors, texture, and light.


  1. Add storage

If you're crunched for space, consider utilizing as much kitchen storage as possible to cover up your appliances. You can hang it up by adding a rack to your ceiling (stainless steel, wrought iron, or any desired material) and hang your pots and pans enhancing both décor and space. You can also add hooks on doors like the inside of your cabinets or pantry closets.

If these quick fixes aren't enough, consider adding shelving units or cabinets that reach the ceiling for extra storage space with the added bonus of design.


  1. Varying your countertop heights

Installing countertops that vary in height adds visual variety as well as extra space for maximizing productivity. If your kids are helping you cook in the kitchen, short countertops are great for this bonding experience.


  1. Maintaining your kitchen floors

There are a few things to consider when deciding on what kitchen floors to install. It is important to consider the style of your kitchen- if you're going for a modern look, dark hardwood floors are a great option. If you're going for a more country look, light tiled floors are chic.

Beyond the style of your kitchen flooring, you'll want to factor in maintenance as well. Do you have kids or dogs that might make it hard to clean your grouting? Are you nervous about scratching your hardwood floors? These are some things to consider when purchasing your kitchen flooring.

If you have questions about your kitchen flooring maintenance, ask your ProSource Denver representative.


  1. Lighting is important

There are many reasons why kitchen lighting is important. The main reason is functionality- can you see what's cooking?

Lighting can also be used as a way of designing your kitchen to add depth, light, and drama. Have a lighting plan; are you going to use track lighting from the ceiling or are lamps and chandeliers more elegant? For a more dramatic look, consider lighting over the sink, over the kitchen dining set, underneath your kitchen cabinets, or even above them.

Whether your kitchen is only for cooking or your home sanctuary, you want a kitchen that you love- a kitchen where you cook and watch your kids grow. There is no reason why you should settle for less. And no one says it has to be hard. Contact our ProSource Denver representatives for all of your wholesale flooring, cabinetry, and counter-top needs. Become a ProSource Denver Member and we can help you get the kitchen you love.


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